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increase in close rate


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Top Challenges

Need for efficient software to optimize proposal generation for clients, better management of contracts, and quick turnaround time

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Why Prospero

An intuitive proposal management platform designed specifically to help scale sales processes and manage business proposals.

The Company

IVBS is a digital agency specializing in SMB and B2B, Google SEO / SEM, social network marketing, social media, web design, and web hosting.

This Israel-based company with a strong and established client base is owned by Itay Verchik, a webmaster and SEO expert. His brand’s existence is entirely committed to giving its potential clients the best value for its quality services.

The Challenge

As competition gets tougher by the day, and as the clientbase grows, the demand for a more efficient and faster sales funnel begins to arise.

Itay thought of utilizing a reliable software to methodically manage their business proposals and scale the performance of his sales team in sealing more deals. 

Then, he found an accomplice in Prospero.

The Solution

The SEO and marketing expert Itay Verchik began his search for a better way to manage their business proposals and get quicker feedback from prospects.

Through a recommendation, Itay tried Prospero and found it very functional for their needs. “A friend (Ori Turjeman) of mine suggested and I tried,” says Itay. “It’s very easy to use, it’s an intuitive system,” he adds.

Prospero has been IVBS’ proposal management system in streamlining sales processes and simplifying contract workflows. My team has a more orderly follow-up on the contracts, thanks to Prospero,” he continues. “Faster generation of proposals and turnaround time, for sure!”

Since then, IVBS has seen significant improvement in close rate, thus, increasing the company’s overall conversions and revenue. “We have increased in closed deals – our closing rate went up about 20%,” he shares.

“Since we started using Prospero, our closing percentages have risen miraculously and our customers are also impressed by the designed proposals they receive.”

Itay Verchik

CEO, IVBS Digital Agency

itay verchik

Incredible Results That Speak Volumes


increase in closing rate and overall IVBS revenue.


impression on IVBS clients to Prospero proposals & contracts.


faster generation of proposals that results to work efficiency.


turnaround time of clients’ approval and feedback.


management of contracts and proposals for IVBS sales team.


learning curve for IVBS sales team with Prospero’s user-friendly UI.

“I would highly suggest you use Prospero too because of the UI and the closing rates that might go up!

Itay Verchik

CEO, IVBS Digital Agency

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