Redleo Web Design Achieves 70% Client Acceptance Rate with Prospero


client acceptance rate


increase in close rate


faster proposal generation

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Website Design and Development, eCommerce, Social Media Marketing


Top Challenges

Redleo Website Design lost potential projects and revenue because of clients’ demand for project proposals.

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Why Prospero

Prospero offers fast generation of quality business and professional-looking proposals, which also include seamless acquisition of digital signatures, templates, integrations, and more.

The Company

Redleo Website Design provides quality web designs, SEO, eCommerce, and many other kinds of marketing services to help businesses achieve better exposure.

This Australia-based company takes pride in offering services backed by strong research, industry experience, and dedication to provide nothing short of perfection for clients.

The Challenge

The industry of web design and marketing is a highly-competitive market. If you do not know how to personally market yourself and offer stand-out proposals, you’ll be on the verge of losing potential clients and income.

Redleo Website Design had such terrible experience with prospects backing out because they don’t have a good contract or proposal to offer to begin with. It’s really hard to close deals even if the team has good and quality services.

Thankfully, Redleo found Prospero and it definitely works to their advantage since day one.

The Solution

Boban of Redleo got the chance to try Prospero proposal management solution and found it helpful for their problem. It has become their main tool to create and manage project proposals. By being able to digitally sign it with Prospero, I save a lot of time and usually get the job on the way faster,” Boban says. “In my world, every hour is money. Prospero saves me 2-3 hours easily per project, which makes the tool cost-effective,” he adds.

Aside from getting new clients, Redleo Design also gets to offer a proper client onboarding with contract signing, plus easy monitoring of proposal statuses in one dashboard. Boban shares, Prospero is very easy to signup and use, it already has autosuggestions for content within contracts, and examples of different types of contracts and proposals.

“Prospero saves us a lot of time, and the analytics help us improve our contract proposals for future prospects to get more deals.”


Expert Web Consultant, Redleo Website Design

Incredible Results That Speak Volumes


increase in close rate along with the company’s overall revenue


client acceptance rate since using Prospero in 2019


faster generation of proposals that results to work efficiency.

2-3 Hours

time saved in creating new proposals for prospects

Easy Tracking

According to Boban, “You can easily see if the client has seen it and how much time they spent viewing it.”

No Scams

A client said he’s from AU, yet in Prospero, the IP was from USA. This info saved me from scammers,” Boban shared.

With the time-saving features and analytics it provides, Prospero will always be my number 1 choice for contracts and proposals.


Expert Web Consultant, Redleo Website Design

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