Safe School Reaches a 25% Leap in Proposal Success Rate With Prospero


increase in close rate


cut in approval turnaround time


faster generation of proposals

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Education, technology, social network, trainings


Client Base

560+ schools

Top Challenges

A quality proposal management software that can help the company create aesthetically appealing custom proposals for their prospects, with minimum effort from the team.

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Why Prospero

It’s a user-friendly proposal builder that helps Safe School to create custom proposals with ease, without compromising their design and marketing aspects.

The Company

Safe School is an Israeli education-tech startup that creates an interactive and AI-driven content platform for schools and districts. Its clients are usually school principals and other decision makers either in the district or municipality level.

The Challenge

Since the market is very distinct, it was quite a challenge for the team to acquire new prospects and convert them into clients. It took them time to create customized proposals and contracts per prospect, as both marketing and design should be unique. As a result, efficiency was compromised and it dragged down their productivity. 

After consulting many friends and colleagues for a proposal management software that meets their needs, Safe School found Prospero.

The Solution

Tal Moskovich, the CEO of Safe School, said that Prospero qualified to their major demand: aside from the quality and intuitiveness, the software has to be an Israeli company too, as the team members are mostly native Hebrew-speaking.  “The competitors I found lacked the level of product I was looking for. In Prospero, you can get a very good prospect in quite a minor effort. It helps us to do it fast and easy.” Tal shares.

Tal found the software very promising. “We started by designing our proposal on Prospero, and when we did this, it became very easy.” Time spent on proposal generation was cut into half, and they experienced a whopping “25% increase in close rate,” he continues. 

When asked about the most effective element he likes, “the alerts on the status of the proposal and the ability to integrate them with other softwares we use have the most effective impact on my business. We are now much more aware of the status of every prospect we send and can manage our sales strategy more efficiently.”

Prospero has been Safe School’s proposal management system ever since. It makes the operations faster and more cutting edge, especially in terms of monitoring sales and leads. With Prospero, everyone in the organization works faster and know better what’s the status of sales. It’s essential, especially when economy is hard and efficiency is measured in higher standards,” he says.

Right now, the company Safe School enjoys an estimated “40% cut in their proposal turnaround time,” along with Prospero’s powerful features and user-friendly builder to grow businesses.

“It took us quite a long time to create each prospect, change all the details needed and still make it look nice. Prospero helps us to do it fast and easy.

Tal Moskovich

CEO, Safe School

Tal Moskovich Safe School Prospero Case Study

Incredible Results That Speak Volumes


increase in closing rate and overall Safe School revenue.


turnaround time of clients’ approval and feedback


faster generation of proposals that results to work efficiency.


process of sending proposals through email, links or PDFs.


management of contracts and proposals with real-time alerts.


learning curve for Safe School sales team with our user-friendly UI.

I highly recommend using Prospero if you want to make your operations faster and more cutting edge.

Tal Moskovich

CEO, Safe School

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